My Invoices are Duplicating Themselves

There are a couple of reasons that invoices and other document types may duplicate themselves. Please follow the steps below to help troubleshoot the issue. 

Reasons Invoices Duplicate Themselves

  • When saving an invoice, the system will create a duplicate document. This is random and typically happens more when using Invoice2go on the web and on android.
  • If, when creating an invoice, you navigate away from the Invoice2go app (e.g. switch to another app on your phone or your phone auto-locks) before you are finished completing the invoice and save it and then come back to that invoice to finish it, the system will create a duplicate copy of the invoice when you complete and save it. The duplicate document will typically either A). have the same invoice number or B). will have a different invoice number but $0 amount and similar invoice information associated with it.

Troubleshooting Steps Before Contacting Support

  1. While using wi-fi or a stable connection, manually hard sync each device individually by pulling down on the home screen from your app and waiting for the loading circle to finish syncing. *Please note to never sync two devices at the same time.
  2. If you are using Invoice2go on the web, make sure you are using Google Chrome, clear your cache and then log on to the Invoice2go web app. Compare invoices between mobile devices and web app. If information remains inconsistent across devices, please repeat step 1 and re-sync. 
  3. If duplicates do not disappear after syncing your account, identify which invoices are duplicates and manually delete each one. For example, if notice that your invoice #6 was a duplicate of invoice #5, you could manually delete invoice#6. After you delete the duplicate, if you would like to fill in that invoice number gap, you can change your invoice number(s) to reflect the proper sequence.

Note: If you successfully deleted your duplicates, then you do not need to contact support. Our engineers are aware of this issue and it will be addressed in our next Invoice2go app release that will be available in May. For more information about our next release release, please check out the following help article: An Improved Invoice2go is Just Around the Corner.

Information to Provide When Contacting Support

If you still do need help with deleting your duplicates, please prepare the following:

  • Confirmation that you completed all troubleshooting steps listed above
  • Timeline of when invoices started duplicating and frequency of issue
  • List of all devices currently using to invoice (e.g. web, iPhone 6s, iPad 2, Android Galaxy 6)
  • Did you attempt to delete any duplicates? If so, provide a detailed list of invoices recreated
  • List of all duplicate invoices / documents that you want deleted including:
    • Correct invoice number with correct amount + associate duplicate invoice number with amount (e.g invoice #5 for $500 (correct); invoice #6 for $0 (duplicate))
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