Payment Reminders for Invoices Due Immediately

To prevent sending unnecessary emails to your customers, payment reminders will not be sent for invoices due immediately.

No payment reminders are sent within in the first 48 hours after emailing an invoice, and the invoice due date has to be set in the future for any payment reminders to be scheduled.

If the invoice due date is less than 3 days in the future, your customer will not receive a payment reminder 3 days before or on the invoice due date; however, if your invoice is still pending payment after its due date, your customer will receive a payment reminder 3 days after the invoice is due; 7 days after the invoice is due, depending on your preferences.

For example, if you schedule a payment reminder on Sunday for "On invoice due date" but your invoice due date is Monday, your payment reminder will not be sent. You would have needed to schedule the payment reminder on the previous Friday.

To use payment reminders, you must have a Pro, Enterprise, or Unlimited subscription plan. If you are on the Invoice2go Starter plan, upgrade to use payment reminders.

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