Processing Payments with Invoice2go

Invoice2go has partnered with Stripe to manage payments to ensure that your funds are securely transferred to your bank account.

Once you set up your Stripe account, money gets automatically deposited to your bank account. The first transaction will always take 7 business days to be deposited. This initial holding period is necessary for complying with anti-money laundering regulations and to reduce the risk of fraud. How long each subsequent deposit takes will depend on what country you are in.

When your invoices are paid with a debit or credit card, your customer’s payment information is securely processed by Stripe. After the transaction is processed, Stripe will transfer the money into your bank account. If you have multiple payments, Stripe will bundle the proceeds and transfer all of it together.

To take a closer look at customer payments that have been scheduled to deposit into your bank account, you can visit your Stripe dashboard or download the iOS Stripe app for your iPhone or iPad. *Note there isn't a Stripe app for Android, but you can visit the Stripe dashboard in a mobile browser.

payments transfer schedules for United States takes 2 business days to process

*Note that transfer schedules are set by Stripe

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