Sending Invoices for Tracked Time

You can generate and send an invoice for your total time on the job.

Setting the app to send invoices

  1. Go to Settings on your mobile app.
  2. Select Time under the Default heading.
  3. Tap on Rate and enter the desired amount.
    This amount is the hourly rate to be applied to your tracked work time.
  4. Set the Grouping toggle button to ON to group time entries by title.
    When OFF, each time entry generates its own item line.
  5. Tap on Back.

Invoicing your tracked work time

An option to invoice your total work time for the current client displays when you clock out.

  1. Tap on Clock Out.
  2. Select Invoice Now.
  3. Check the summary of the invoice displayed.
    It shows the client name, total balance, total time tracked and rate per hour.
  4. Tap on Send Invoice to email this invoice to your client.
  5. Tap on Done.
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