My Invoices are Missing

There are a number of reasons that invoices and other document types may go missing. If you are unable to locate your missing invoice, please follow the steps to help troubleshoot the issue. 

Reasons Invoices May Go Missing

  • Invoice Fully Paid option is on and the invoice you just created is automatically placed in the paid folder. 
  • The time filter in your invoice list is set to another year. For example, if you are viewing 2017 only, you wouldn't be to see invoices created in 2016.
  • Invoices are deleted on purpose or by accident. 
  • Sometimes invoice numbers skip their sequence, and where there appears to be a missing document (e.g. inv. #1, inv. #3) it in a fact just a gap in the invoice numbers. If you would like to fill in that invoice number gap, you can change your invoice number(s) to reflect the proper sequence.
  • Invoices were created in offline mode or during an unstable connection and the invoice never properly synced to the server. If you were to delete and reinstall the app and without the invoices being synced, then they would be permanently deleted and unrecoverable.
  • Multiple devices on the account are creating invoices and the devices become out of sync. For example, 'device A' may not see 'device B's' most recent invoice because 'device A' hasn't properly synced properly with the server.

Troubleshooting Steps Before Contacting Support

  1. If you have the Invoice Fully Paid option enabled in settings, check your paid folder to see if you can locate missing invoices.
  2. Make sure that your invoice created and paid list time filters are set see "All Years."
  3. Compile a list of deleted documents. If CC or BCC yourself on each invoice you send, you can reference your email inbox for the invoices you are missing
  4. While using wi-fi or a stable connection, manually hard sync each device individually by pulling down on the home screen from your app and waiting for the loading circle to finish syncing. *Please note to never sync two devices at the same time.
  5. Make sure you are using Google Chrome, clear your cache and then log on to the Invoice2go web app. Compare invoices between mobile devices and web app. If information remains inconsistent across devices, please repeat step 4 and re-sync. 
  6. Back up your Invoice2go company data for each company you have stored on your mobile device.

Information to Provide When Contacting Support

  • Confirmation that you completed all troubleshooting steps listed above
  • Timeline of when invoices went missing and frequency of issue
  • List of all devices currently using to invoice (e.g. web, iPhone 6s, iPad 2, Android Galaxy 6)
  • Did you attempt to create any missing invoice? If so, provide a detailed list of invoices recreated
  • All company backups as attachments
  • List of all missing invoices / documents that you want restored including:
    • invoice number
    • invoice date
    • client name
    • client email address sent to
    • invoice status: not paid or paid
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