Change My Account Email Address

You may want to change the email you use to access Invoice2go. Changing your email will change the email used to access all your accounts.

When you change your email, two emails will be sent:

  • A notification email to the original email that the email is being changed.
  • A validation email to the new email. You must click the verify link in the validation email for the email change to take effect.

Steps to change your email:

  • Click this link to sign in to the Appmin page where you can update user details.
  • Click on the My Details section to modify your user properties.
  • Enter a new email, re-enter the email to confirm, and click Save.
  • A confirmation will appear that an email has been sent to your new email address.
  • In order for the email change to take effect you must click the validation link in the email sent to the new address. Until the link is validated you will see a notice under the Change Email section

Changing your email will impact how you log in to all your accounts.

Payments/Stripe: If you have payments enabled on any of your accounts, changing your Invoice2go email will not impact your Stripe account access. The email that receives payment notifications may need to be updated separately by contacting support.



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