I Cannot Find an Invoice I Created

When an invoice is created, it is saved to the Invoices folder. Depending on your current app settings, the invoice may show in the Paid folder or not be visible due to the selected time filter.

The Invoice Fully Paid option is on

  1. Check if the invoice you created is in the Paid folder.
  2. If the invoice is in the Paid folder, go to Settings and uncheck the box for Fully Paid.

When the Fully Paid option is enabled, it automatically moves newly created invoices to the Paid folder.

The time filter of the folder is set to another year

  1. Go to the Invoices or Paid folder.
  2. Click on the time filter.
    It shows the selected year below the search bar.
  3. Select the current tax year to display recently created invoices.
    Or, select All Years to show all your invoices.
  4. Check if the invoice is now able to display.

The time filter follows the tax year you have set in Settings.

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