Converting an Estimate to an Invoice


Estimates can easily be converted directly to an invoice without needing to re-enter information like the date, client and amount.

After your client accepts your estimate and have converted the information into an invoice, the new invoice will follow the invoice number sequence. Once you have completed the agreed upon work, send off the invoice and get paid.

Converting documents is not just limited to estimates and invoices. You can copy any document and transfer it to any invoice, estimate, purchase order or credit memo. *Note you can only copy documents within the same account.

iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the estimate
  2. Tap on the Action button
  3. Select Copy
  4. Select Invoice
  5. Edit the information on the invoice, if needed
  6. Tap on the Action button
  7. Select Save


  1. Open the estimate
  2. Tap on the Action button
  3. Select Copy Document
  4. Select Invoice
  5. Select Yes to view and edit copied document. *Note by selecting No the document will automatically save to related folder
  6. Tap on the back button in the top left corner of the screen to save


  1. Open the estimate
  2. Click the Document drop down button
  3. Click Convert to Invoice
  4. Uncheck the boxes for any information you don't want copied
  5. Click Convert
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